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“If you own this story you get to write the ending.” 

Brene Brown

This is my favorite quote about self responsibility.  


Because it’s all about the power within ourselves to create the life we want. All we have to do is own it.

If you want to improve your life and become the person you want to be.  You need to take some positive action in your life to make it happen. You need to own up!  Own up to your Actions, Words, Feelings, and Thoughts.

Self responsibility is the ability to take ownership of any situation in your life.  To be accountable and act responsibly for what happens in one’s own life. Instead of blaming outside forces, such as your bad luck, you take ownership of the situation. You accept who you are. And begin to take actions in your life to live a happier, more fulfilled life. You start to improve your choices and begin to move forward in your life that brings you joy.  

The alternative is to play the blame game.

You:  My life sucks because……(Feel free to add anything you would like)

You blame everyone but yourself for everything bad in your life.  You stay stuck in the same place. Waiting for things to change but nothing ever does.

And You Stay Unhappy

Sometimes happiness is a feeling and sometimes its a decision.

“Accept responsibility for your life. Know that it is you who will get you to where you want to go, no one else.” 

Les Brown

Why should you care about self responsibility?   

Self-responsibility determines how much we can achieve, grow, and even our happiness.  When you have the power to be accountable for your own actions and feelings, your life takes another course. You begin to experience a number of better outcomes and you see your life through another perspective. If you have the power to be a responsible person, you feel stronger to accomplish your goals.

What could your life look like if you practice self responsibility?

You will be better equipt to deal with unpleasant events.

Instead of wallowing in self-pity. You will take unpleasant events and treat them as learning experiences.  You will use them to develop your skills or yourself as a person.

I was once laid off for from my job.  I could have mopped around the house blaming the world.  But instead, I took a job hunting course offered by the unemployment office.  And found a better job that I loved.

You will learn to adapt to change better

Accepting change is one of the best things you could ever do to be happy.  Bad things such as health issues, loss, and divorce can happen to anyone. But by accepting change, you get to choose how you will deal with the change.  You get to decide if you are going to wallow in self-pity or find the upside of any shitty situation.

“The secret ingredients to true happiness? Decisive optimism and personal responsibility.” 

Amy Leigh Mercree

You will find happiness in yourself, not in situations or people.

You can only be truly happy if you can find happiness within yourself.  No job or relationship can make you happy. And in the end, these need only be the outlet for the happiness from within.  

You will accept yourself for who you are.

The good, the bad and the ugly.  When you’re self responsible you accept them all about yourself.  When you take responsibility for your faults, you can work on improving them.  Over time you will become the person you want to be. You will be a happier person because you’re truly who you want to be.    

You’ll be more protective of your integrity

Your integrity is the most important asset you have.  Its who you are and the standards you hold for yourself.  When you adopt a self responsibility mindset you’ll not want to fuck up your integrity.  You will know not to do something that isn’t in line with your personal core values. And by acting in accordance with your core values, you enhance personal happiness.

“The power behind taking responsibility for your actions lies in putting an end to negative thought patterns. You no longer dwell on what went wrong or focus on whom you are going to blame. You don’t waste time building roadblocks to your success. Instead, you are set free and can now focus on succeeding.” 

Lorii Myers

How to Use Self Responsibility in You Daily Life    

Take Responsibility for your Actions, Words, Feelings, and Thoughts

When you are responsible for your actions, words, feelings, and thoughts you own yourself. You take all the power back!

The power that you were giving away to other people, things or situations. Unless you give them the power to nobody can force you to do anything that you don’t want to do.  Or make you think or feel what you don’t want to. When you take responsibility you take all that power back. You can make changes in your life on your terms.  And it’s not going to be easy but worth it.

Stop Blaming Others

Once you become a self-responsible person, you will stop blaming your upbringing, the economy or your boss for your unpleasant circumstances.  By accepting all the blame, you get out of the victim game. You can take action to change your circumstances.

“There is an expiry date on blaming your parents for steering you in the wrong direction; the moment you are old enough to take the wheel, responsibility lies with you.” 

J.K. Rowling

Stop Assuming Everything is Personal

Stop taking every little thing that happens to you as a personal attack.  Self-responsibility shows you that you cannot control what other people do. But you can control how you respond to them. You have all the power.  

Back when I used to work in retail I remember this lady that blamed me for ruining her day.  I could of let this lady ruin my day with her nasty comments. Or I could take responsibility for how I was going to respond to her.  

Self responsibility is not taking the blame for others actions, it’s taking responsibility for how we respond to them.  This can be a very liberating state of mind.

Be responsible for your happiness

Make the decision to not depend on a child, friend, parent, or partner for your happiness. This is one of the best things you can do for yourself.  Be self-responsibility for your happiness. Do this by finding things that you love. Such as expressing your creativity, surrounding yourself with beauty, and listening to music.   

It’s ok to go to the movies by yourself!  You might even enjoy it more.

Buy yourself flowers.  Don’t wait for someone else to do it.

Live in the Moment

Keep the past in the past and the future in the future.  Stop worrying about the “what if’s.” You can’t control everything that happens in your life.  As much as we would like to. You can only be responsible for what happens in the present moment.  

Use your present actions to redeem yourself for past actions and create a better future.

Give a shit about yourself

You need to be able to support yourself and take care of your body and mind. For example, try to eat healthy food, go to the gym, talk and laugh with your friends. There are a number of things you can do daily to give you positive vibes. Just remember to be patient and consistent, in order to stay in better contact with your inner self.  

Make Time For Your Hobbies  

Try to find time to do whatever makes you a happier person. It’s a great way to recover and balance your self-control. In order to be a responsible person, you need to care for yourself. You need to find time to create better relationships, attend concerts or exhibitions, go to the movies or take time to enhance your personal growth.  

Boost Your Positive Vibes

It’s important to think positive, especially when you are experiencing negative feelings, like anger or shame. Sometimes life can be taught and you need to be a responsible person; face your problems and try to find the answers. Don’t rely on others, but focus on exploring new opportunities to elevate yourself.   

Make Responsibility A Habit  

If you didn’t develop self responsibility during the early years of your life, you need to act quickly. You have to train yourself to be a responsible person. This is very important in order to be a strong and well-rounded person.  In order to achieve self-responsibility, you need to focus on your life, raise your vibrations, by choosing happiness and peace, eliminate fears and excuses and get ready to live an exceptionally responsible and successful life.

If you say you’re going to do something – Do it!

If you say you’re going to be somewhere – Be there!

Give it a try, you will thank yourself later.

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