About Me

Mom.  Yup my best accomplishment yet.

Career wonderer. Have no idea what I want to be when I grow up.

Side hustle starter. no so much finisher.  Well not yet!

Travel dreamer.  Been a few places but you will read about that.

Occasional Environmentalist.  I  am not going to chain myself to a tree but care about the environment.  Currently loving the zero waste lifestyle but not there yet.

Thrift store junkie.  Love treasure hunting but mainly a minimalist when it comes to bringing stuff home.  

Grammar and spelling is not my thing.  So expect spelling errors and sentences that make no sense.   

If I promote something it’s because I truly think its great.  Expect affiliate links and such.    

Call me nicheless.  I don’t have a niche.  I don’t want one.  I am just me, doing my thing.  

Find me here

Instagram is my thing.  Find me here.  I have a Facebook page, which I mainly post funny mom memes. Find me here.