Finding a white fealther


What does finding a white feather mean? - Symbolism of a white feather

Disclaimer:  This is my story of finding a white feather and my research on the symbloizm of a white feather. 

It’s was just another weekend.

We had decided to take a spontaneous trip to Drumheller, AB to see the Royal Tyrrell Museum. The kids have been bugging us for a while to go but something always seemed to come up.

Halfway through the museum my son had peed his pants.  I usually keep spare clothing in the car. But at the last minute, we decided to take our truck instead.  It had been so long since we had an accident, it slipped my mind to bring extra clothing.  #Mommyfail

After a quick stop at the Walmart across town for new pants.  We decided to stop at the World’s Largest Dinosaur and have a snack in the park before heading back to the museum. 

What finding a white feather mean?  The symbolism of white feather

As we sat at the picnic benches, out of nowhere a single white feather floated down by my daughter. There were no birds in sight. It just appeared out of thin air.

What finding a white feather mean?  The symbolism of white feather

Now I am not one for symbolism but this was so unreal that I had to do some digging into what it could mean. Here’s what I found.

Symbolism of a white feather

Finding a white feather is a symbol that your angels are near. A white feather is the most common of signs sent from the angels in Heaven. And a white feather is a symbol for faith and protection.  Read more here

White feathers are also symbols of angels who are speaking to us. And telling us that our loved ones in heaven are safe. White feathers can symbolize many things. And according to the article found here, white feathers have significance to many cultures. Including but not limited to the Aborigines, Egyptians, Celtics, and the Native Americans.

Finding a white feather can mean having a celestial message sent from above.  But feathers are also associated with winged animals and insects. And thus finding one of their feathers means that there is a message of flight and freedom.

Finding a white feather can also be a symbolism of peace and purity. Perhaps the person who finds the feather isn’t spiritual in the sense of Christianity. But there are some cultures who believe it is a message from beyond. And finding a white feather is a sign of the loved one who is watching over you.  According   this article, , finding a white feather means a guardian angel is watching over you. And guiding you through life and your decisions. The article provides an example of a woman who lost her husband and she continued to find feathers. And so she sought out a clairvoyant who informed her the feathers were signs from her husband who had passed on.

What does finding a white feather mean? - Symbolism of a white feather

White Feathers Across Culture and Religion

According to the article here,  white feathers not only symbolize purity, peace, love, hope, heaven, angels and protection and signs from ancestors that everything is well on the other side. But they also symbolize a blessing has been bestowed upon the person who found it. As well as it symbolizes wisdom and a connection with the moon. This is important to note because where a feather is a representation of flight and freedom, the moons gravitational pull is grounding for humanity. So it can be argued that finding a white feather is a symbol for clarity for the person who found it. And a grounding experience to help them focus on their current reality and situations.

Some cultures, such as the Native Americans, believed different birds meant the feathers symbolized different traits. For example, this site,  explains what each bird symbolized. So the feather from a bird which is all white, such as a dove, would symbolize love, gentleness, and kindness. Also, a white feather from a snowy owl would symbolize wisdom, the ability to see things normally, silence and swiftness. A parallel to the belief that there is a connection to the moon when finding a white feather, coincides with the Native’s belief that the white feather signifies seeing things normally. And is that grounding experience.

According to the article here,  finding a feather means something different for different cultures and religions. For Christianity, it is a representation of charity, hope, and faith. These three concepts could be interpreted as signs of virtue.

According to Egyptian mythology, feathers were a symbol of the sky Gods. But also Ma’at, the Egyptian Goddess of Justice. If the sins of the deceased were weighed against the hearts of the newly dead in the underworld, to the weight of a feather, it would determine the worthiness of his or her soul. So, the white feather would symbolize the purity of the heart and soul of the person that it was being weighed against for justice.

I am not sure what I believe.  But it was too unreal not to of been a sign.

What does finding a white feather mean? - Symbolism of a white feather

Have you ever found a white feather? 

Comment below and share your story.  

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  1. Carole chambers

    My grandson died on my dad’s birthday my grandson was only 13 I went to see my dad and this woman stopped me and said you got a White feather in your hair and I’m also finding grey feathers by my front door and my back door I want to beleaved he is looking down on me

    1. Thank you for sharing. I love hearing other stories about finding feathers. Events like these just can’t be random, they have to have meaning. I think he is looking down at you too.

        1. Thanks for sharing. I never get tired of hearing stories of others finding feathers. It makes these signs so much more real.

        2. Idunno why does feathers keeps appearing in my room even though i dont have love ones who died except to my baby cousin who died 5 years ago i also see a black feather appear in my room mwehehe : /

          1. Thanks for sharing. Maybe instead of focusing on who is sending you these lovely signs, simply focus on the feeling of spirit looking out for you.

      1. Connie Schneider

        Today marks 5 year anniversary of my husband committing suicide. I found a white feather laying in my drive way.

          1. I am working this morning at a convenience store. I am walking and happen to look down and I see a white feather on my skirt, just clinging there! So Exciting! What is it telling me? Something amazing is coming to me and that I am protected and being watched over.

          2. Take notice of how this experience made you feel. Did you feel protected? Did you feel loved? Like someone was trying to give you a hug? Finding a white feather is a sign from spirit that you’re being watched over.

        1. Have been praying for my guardian angels guidance and direction as I have been feeling lost lately. Today I took a walk and found one white feather just laying on the
          sidewalk. I sincerely believe that my angels
          are communicating and letting me know they are with me.

      2. I lost my pug Ernie on 10th March and exactly a week later to the time he passed I came out of my bathroom into the front bedroom and a white feather fell from nowhere I immediately thought this must be Ernie. I has his ashes back and I put the white feather in with him. I felt reassured he was fine and had gone over the rainbow bridge and was at peace as we only had him for 3 yrs as he was from a rescue and had been badly treated and he had a broken.jaw I know we gave him the love he craved for. Miss him so much ❤

        1. Michelle Hatsis

          I found a white feather walking on path to my home, next day my husband took the trash out and found one by the trash can, and a week prior, out on my early morning dog walk, laying right on sidewalk were 2 $20 dollar bills… I really believe someone or something is trying to tell me something… I am of Greek decent, raised in a family that were very superstitious, and believed that all things like this are signs that your fallen ancestors are trying to get in touch w/you or to warn you of danger…. Close your eyes concentrate on a problem that’s been upsetting you… Pay attention, look for an answer, then the people who can help should appear!!

        2. Samuel Awolaja

          I’m currently going through a huge life upheaval at the moment. I’m a Christian so have been praying for guidance on these troubling issues. I’m m life normally I don’t usually come across feathers. The other day soon after I’d finished praying a white feather floated down from nowhere onto my balcony and for the the last couple of days I’m seeing feathers all over the place. Having never seen any before. I’ve now got a collection of so many white and grey feathers! What is going on? Also when I pray now I feel a presence with me in the room. The hairs on my kneck and forearms stand up and I get goose bumps!!

          1. Feathers are a sign reinsurance by God, spirit or whatever you believe in. Reinsure to stay the course and that things will get better. Trust the process.

      3. On Friday I lost my partner Catherine she had cancer today I went to town got out of the car for smoke has I walking round smoking my fag and I looked down and I seen a Gray feather what dose it mean

        1. Finding a grey feather after someone has passed can be a sign that spirit is telling you to hang in there and things will get better. That your loved one is in peace. Hope that helps.

      4. I found a random white feather in my back pack i was so wierded out i burned it cause i was scared it was a black magic. Did i mess up or anger the angels!!!!
        I am sorry Angels :(

    2. Beverly Armstead

      I began to seeing white feathers in my home. I couldn’t understand we’re the white feathers was coming from. I began alarm no knowing what it means. I began to collect all the feathers and swept and vaccum them up. And they was still appearing everywhere. I decided to Google and seeing what it’s means seeing white feathers. It’s a sign that’ll Angela are looking over you. I feel really bad about throwing them away. I am now keeping my white feathers. I still vaccum my floor and seeing white feathers. I been doing lots of PRAYER; before the white feathers began to appear every were in my home. I seen another white feathers this’s morning before I left my home. There been lots of bad things happening to me, but the white feathers telling me that God’s is watching over me and my family. And We going to get the Victory over our troubles.

      1. I was making my bed this week and i finf a white farther in my room. I did not know anything about it .so i tell my friend about it .i look all over to see wear it came from.

    3. I was never one for this sort of thing but today on my birthday out of nowhere I seen a white feather drop slowly into our back garden and even with the wind it wouldn’t move, I believe that this is a sign of my dad who I lost at the age of 18 telling me everything will be ok

    4. Debbie bissell

      Our mom died 2 an half yr ago so sudden we still struggling with it but I looked up at the sky an I said mom if u safe an ur with us can you give us a sign please to let us know u alright an nxt day I went into our spare room and there was a white feather on top of my clothes it made me cry I was so happy id got a message

  2. My dad died a year and a half ago and I find a feather at least once a day. It never used to be that much. And also I’ve heard that cardinals are a symbol as well for the first few months after his death there were cardinals constantly in my yard. One even sat on the rim of my window and kept flapping his wings to try and get in my house.

  3. My father passed away on Sunday. Today, Wednesday, a white feather stuck to my living room window and fluttered in the wind for a while. I watched it for a long time wondering if it was a sign from Dad. I was sure it was. I felt a sense of peace as I watched it. I know it would eventually blow away but I was okay with that. I have never seen a feather stuck to a window before so i knew this was a sign.

  4. My daughter was about to divorce and leave her family. My heart was so heavy. While out on a long meditation walk I decided to listen to Neil Young
    The song Birds came on. The lyrics go something like this . “… it’s over, feathers fall around you to show you the way to go… at the moment blinded by tears. I looked down and saw a big white feather. It was on Main Street in my town. Which seemed like an unlikely place to find this.
    Since then I see them often, usually when I’m asking for serious comfort and guidance

    1. Thank you for sharing your story. I love hearing stories like these and I am so glad you found the comfort and guidance you were seeking.

    2. Today is what would have been my 3rd anniversary but instead am going through a divorce. A white feather just fell onto me then onto the ground. I lost my nan back in nov so it may well be her telling me everything is going to be ok & that she’s watching over me 🙂

  5. I am a none religious person, I have encountered on numerous occasions where white feathers fall near me with no birds around, once was during a game of squash. !
    I find it very strange and have no idea of the significance.

    1. I was like this too until I got curious about the meaning behind finding feathers. There is so much information out there about the meaning but I think you just have to go with what your gut is telling you the meaning is.

      1. Hi
        My mother died 4 days ago and today while talking about her I saw what looked like a white feather flutter into the garden. When I investigated, there were 2 feathers, one small, soft and downy and the other much more typical and longer.
        I was pleased to get them, but what is the significance of two?

        1. As far as I know, the differences in the shapes and texture of the feathers don’t make a difference. But having said that, if you have a gut feeling like the differences have meaning, then they probably do. It could signify an adult/child relationship. Spirit telling you that your loved ones that have passed are not alone and are being taken care of. Hopes that helps.

  6. I picked my three boys up from school today and we were al happy chatting away, getting in the car and just as we were putting our seat belts on a white feather floater threw the passenger window and straight to my sons hand , he was sat in the back! We all froze and looked at each other with shocked looks at each other! I told them what it meant and they were so loving and respectful. We all have a blessed relationship .

  7. Last night as I was trying to settle my mind by practicing breathing through heart space and getting ready for sleep. As my mind quieted, I received a visual of a very large airplane flying high in the sky and then a white feather dropping from it. I immediately started thinking what could this signify when I remembered that any day now, my 21 year old son was planning on boarding a plane to India. My first instinct was to think, Oh no, he’s going to die in this plane- my default is always the worst possible scenario (I’m working on that) but then I switched my thinking and remembered that feathers are usually a sign of divine and angelic presence. I took it to mean that he would be protected and guided. This morning as I was dropping my youngest daughter at school, I found in front of me a white feather. As I was leaving, there was another one-whitish/light grey at the tip also right in front of me. Blessed be.

    1. Wow, what amazing signs! I definitely think were signs that your son will be protected on his trip, your daughter on her adventures and you as well. Remember to take time to thank your angels for their signs. They love to be thanked and will send you more if asked.

  8. Hi
    I’ve just looked at your website as found a white feather in my hair while sat in my car while looking in the mirror from nowhere only this week.Ive heard about the significance of this and what it means but all new to me.
    Can you help with the meaning of this please.

    Thank you

    1. Hi Sally,
      Generally finding a feather in an unexpected place, like your car, is thought to be a message from the angels. White feathers, in particular, are thought to be a sign of faith and protection. Hope this helps!

  9. I just bought a Dyson vacuum cleaner. So I have went crazy cleaning my house from top to bottom. Later, after finishing, I made me a snack. I come back to the living room, and sitting on top of my cell phone was a white feather! I sat down and gathered my thoughts on how the heck this happened. But there is no explanation. So I looked it up and come across your page. I am home alone for the weekend. I’m not afraid, but this was so surprising.

    1. The more that I learn about angels the less I am surprised by how they show signs. This is a beautiful sign that an angel is looking out for you. They love to show you signs, like an unexpected feather in unlikely places when you are least expecting it. Thank them for the sign and if you want invite them to send you more.

  10. My 16 year old grandson died February 2017, we’ve (meaning my children grandchildren) been finding white since he’s been gone. I had one daughter who had not found one and she was very skeptical of the rest of us. She was sitting on the riverbank where Luke fished all the time and her friend said “Jill look at your toes!” She looked down and there was a brown and white feather between her toes! She sent me the picture and told me this was the first feather she has kept. That very week she found a solid white feather inside her car. I thank my Jesus every day for the tangible comfort he’s sending out way.

  11. Today my partner and I had the biggest fight that we could ever have, i went to the toilet about an hour after he left to go out and from what i thought was a toenail on the floor, was a little white feather sitting right infront of me on the floor

    1. I am not a feather expert but I am pretty sure someone was trying to tell you that everything is going to be ok! Thanks for sharing.

  12. A good friend/ love passed, whom I never had the chance to tell my feelings to. I think he felt the same way about me too. Ever since he passed I find white feathers randomly at my house, or at work. And recently found a couple different colored feathers. One time I felt his presence very strongly at my apartment and heard his voice shortly after he passed. I’ve also had dreams about him.

    1. You should look into death dreams too! To me, it seems like he is trying to tell you something. What I don’t know. If you are open to it, I suggest you go see a medium. If he is really trying to tell you something, a medium can relay it to you.

  13. My family has been blessed with many white feathers in very unusual places since the passing of my grandson. My friends have found them after I’ve left their home or after I’ve been with them. We even had two weaved through clothing. His best friend had one float down on his table at a favorite restaurant here in town. I think the greatest part is that so many have been blessed and can testify to this amazing comfort…… To God be all glory!

  14. I find white feathers on my body, and clothes for fun. Sometimes it scares me because of the frequency of occurrence. I started finding feathers like 2 months ago when I moved to Calgary from Winnipeg. I still found it yesterday on my body

    1. Oh, interesting! I wonder if it has something to do with the move. Like spirit is letting you know that the move was part of your divine plan.

  15. My brother passed away in October. I could not accept his death as it was so sudden. I was unable to function properly even had to visit doctors for help. Then 3 months after a white feather touched my face and landed by my feet. When I picked it up something happened I suddenly accepted he was gone. In the space of 1 week there has been 3 other white feathers on different days in the same place. Part of me believes they are a sign, another part of me finds it spooky. All I do know is I’m calmer and don’t need the pills.

    1. Sometimes when someone passes suddenly we are consumed with finding answers. A toll that we take on ourselves but is not meant for ourselves. I am so glad that you have found some peace with your brother’s death. And hope you continue to find peace.

  16. I recently took a pair of trousers out of my wardrobe and on one of the legs was a white feather. There was nothing in the wardrobe with feathers on so I picked it up and put it in a plastic bag and I have kept it. I lost my first son at 17 days old 53 years ago and although I went on to have three more children I think about my son every single day and I would like to think that white feather was a sign from him that he is alright and was thinking of me.

  17. My pup dixie passed just four days ago. I was talking a walk with my other dog and out of nowhere a white feather flew in front of me. I knew it was a sign because the grief I feel right now is overwhelming.

    1. I am so sorry to hear about your loss. This time in your life can feel overwhelming but know that signs like feathers are a way for spirits to let us know our loved ones are safe.

  18. As I was getting ready for school at my house, my mom is sitting at the table and she finds this little thing that is about what different colors of feathers mean and when she drops me off at school, I have to cut through the lunch building to get to the gym because I have P.E first and right in front of the back door of the lunch building, you have to walk a little bit to get to the gym, I find a white feather just peacefully laying there like it was waiting for me, not a speck of dirt on it.

  19. Hello, my Mum passed in May 2019 plus too many family & friends I am a believer in Angel’s and have found many single white feathers but this morning whilst walking back from school drop off, at least 6 pure white feathers floated down in front of me, as I walked on 1 grey & white feather slowly floated in front of me, it brought me a sense of calm & happiness and I thanked the Angel’s & my Mum for sending them, also last night was the first time I saw & heard Mum in a dream.

    1. Audrey Devenport

      Just sat having a cup of coffee, I put my coffee on the table, and when I turned back around there was a white feather on my knee. It gave me comfort and peace as I have been struggling lately. God is awesome..!! 💓🙏💓

  20. I believe in signs, earths energy, intuition and consider myself spiritual. I spontaneously, sitting at my desk at work all lone, came across a white feather (not big) but nevertheless a pure white feather. I got chills when I saw it right next to me on my desk. After a few seconds of just starring at it I decided to keep it and placed it in the back of my clear phone case. Something within me didn’t feel right to keep it, so this morning I blew it away right back in my office. I would greatly appreciate advise about my experience. Thank you 🙏🏻

    1. Thanks for sharing. I believe you should always follow your gut. If your gut is saying to not keep it, you were right to send it back into the world. Maybe it served its purpose in your life and now its meant to help someone else. If it appears again, thank it for appearing in your life, take it to a place you love and leave it there.

  21. Visiting my local cafe happily named lark went to order a coffee came back to sit when I noticed a big white feather laying directly in front of my seat to my complete surprise and delight I ‘ve taken it as a symbol of freedom and protection that all is well and that good outcomes r coming to me my prays are being answered in ways I can’t begin to imagine 😊🕊

  22. I found a little white feather on Mother’s Day after taking flowers to my nans grave then few days later as I was getting in the car to visit my brothers grave I found another one. Gives me the feeling they’re sending a sign to let me know they’re watching over me❤️

  23. Went outside to wash the mud off our dog before bringing him inside after playing. When i came inside, my love says ” sweetheart, is that a feather in your hair?” I looked in the mirror and sure enough a beautiful white feather landed in my hair.

  24. I’ve been praying to the holy Spirit to show me a sign that I was forgiven and to let me know when I woke up the next day. How ever I didn’t find the white feather till the next night and that was answer enough for me.amen

  25. I have been delivering for Ubereats during the midst of this world pandemic. It has been very nerve-racking for me although I am young and healthy. I mumbled to myself walking to my car; “It’s going to be a long day”. As I open my door I see a white feather directly in the middle of my seat. I mumbled again “Ha, Is this my angels?” as I turn on my ignition my bluetooth connects and a song called Angel by Massive Attack comes on. This is when I froze and became extremely in tune with what was happening. I felt goosebumps from my head- to my toes. This is then what made me realize my day would be okay, because I am making sure many others get the food they can’t go out for. I felt a surge of courage and it was very reassuring!

    1. Awesome! I get goosebumps too when I see signs. It’s an amazing thing you are doing, you should be really proud.

  26. Hi today morning around 7:2305am when I open the kitchen door , i good a white feather just in front of the kitchen door

  27. I do know all feathers have evolved to aid flight, hence no bird is needed within the close vicinity for them to be distributed, via air flow – breeze, wind, currents etc. from literally miles around, from every and all directions. That they are regularly moulted from all birds’ plumage, their obvious prevalence, at all times, seems fairly mundane. If white feathers give you some kind of spiritual uplifting then that’s lovely for you but I truly think it’s merely wishful thinking. Whatever gives you comfort though is positive for you. 😘

  28. Yesterday I was walking on the churchyard next to my house, I then looked down and saw a little white feather. I didnt stop but I walked and thought that was really interresting because I have read alot about angels and signs, but never have seen a white feather and thought about it that way…. But I didnt think so much more about it other than it was interresting to find it at a churchyard. But my opinion changed for some hours ago…I was sitting with my parents out side, and we were talking. I then dissapeard from the conversation, and looked away against a corner..then a white feather came flying from the side out of the corner of the house, the feather took a weird flying method, like a half sircel and dissapeard behind the house wall.. it was just for one second… it was so weird, my parents didnt notice, and it has happened twice the last to days now.. I am very grateful, and lately I have been talking alot to my self and my angels as well.

  29. My man is about to undergo a stem cell transplant. This past year has been tough on him with both Parkinson’s and a Multiple myeloma diagnosis in the last year. We are both exhausted. Finances are tight, and the world is in the grip of a pandemic. Last night I asked Archangel Michael to come down and help us get through the next few months, and to take the financial burden off our shoulders. Today I was walking into my house when a small light grey feather floated around and around me as I walked through my doorway and landed at my feet. About an hour later, I found another soft white feather just sitting on the top step of my staircase. I don’t have any down filled blankets, etc., I never receive feathers except for today after I reached out to the angels. My heart is blessed.

  30. On the way to my mother’s funeral service I walked outside and saw a grayish white feather laying in the dirt by the walkway to my apartment. I said something about it to my fiancé. Then, as my fiancé, my son and I got to our car, my fiancé exclaimed, “Look there are feathers on the car!” Indeed I looked at the hood of the car and there were two small white feathers. I felt a strong feeling that they were from my mother, and I had just been reading about the appearance of feathers a couple nights prior, so it was fresh in my mind. I didn’t pick them up, but now I wish I had! It felt like a divine experience and it calmed me.

    1. Sorry for your loss, it’s never easy to lose a loved one. But I am glad you found peace through your experience. Thank you for sharing.

  31. yesterday as i was walking quickly to the ladies after me and my husband went shopping as i was walking a light grey and white feather came falling from the sky and traveled in front of me as i was still walking and fell at my feet. I picked it up and put it in my purse

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