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How To Use Up Extra Bread

Every so often, you may find yourself with an extra loaf of bread.  Maybe you bought one too many loaves, forgotten to eat bread you already bought or simply felt that you could not stand to eat another slice.  Whatever the case, there is no need to toss out the extra bread.  You can still make good use of it, create some enjoyable meals or snacks and reduce food waste.

Bread is extremely versatile and is easily incorporated into simple recipes. You can use leftover bread to create a healthy and filling meal or yummy snacks to nibble on throughout the day.

Yes, you could always freeze the extra slices, but whats the fun in that.  If you are looking for some ideas on how to use up an extra loaf of bread, here are a few.  Some you have heard and some that are a bit crazy.

How to use up extra bread

Uses for Extra Bread


Strata is a layered casserole that is a popular American dish that is mainly enjoyed during brunch. It is usually made up of bread, eggs, meat, cheese, milk and other ingredients that the cook may want to incorporate in order to introduce more flavour. It can be created in one pot which means that you can prepare large batches to enjoy with company.

DIY breadcrumbs

Leftover bread is great for creating your own breadcrumbs for use in casseroles, for coating fish and chicken and making pasta tastier and crunchier. Making breadcrumbs is easy. All you need to do is toast your bread in an oven for a few minutes, grind them in a food processor and store in an airtight container for future use. You may add spices such as cinnamon and seasonings for different variations. 

(Tip:  Store extra breadcrumbs in the freezer.)


If you are tired of boring old bread and butter pudding, then this Italian salad is for you. Featuring fresh tomatoes, capers, olive oil, leftover bread and a variety of other additions, it is both sweet and savory and can be enjoyed as a starter or combined with chicken or beef for a more robust meal.

French onion soup

This soup makes use of meat stock, wine, herbs and butter for a rich and smooth taste that rivals any comfort food. It is topped with bread and cheese before being placed in the oven to allow the cheese to melt. It is a great winter weather, especially when seasoned with spices like cinnamon and black pepper.

Crouton Variations

Extra bread is usually turned into croutons which are basically prepared by toasting the bread, brushing it with butter and cubing it into tiny pieces which are then used in soups and salads or enjoyed as a snack. If you would like to vary the taste of your croutons, try rubbing your extra bread with garlic, coat with parmesan shavings or sprinkling with herbs or butter for an even tastier option.

French Toast

Slightly stale bread is actually better for making French toast because it soaks up more of the egg mixture.  Try it the next time you have a craving for French toast.

Pop a slice of bread in with your brown sugar.

The bread will keep the brown sugar from clumping. I haven’t try this one,  but apparently, you can also revive stale marshmallows by popping a piece of bread in the marshmallow bag.

Pick up tiny pieces

If you spill glitter some or break a glass, you can use a slice to collect all those little bits.  Simple press a slice of over the glitter or shards of glass and they will stick right to the bread. 

Want to stop crying over chopping onions?

Try this trick I found on the Food & Wine website. Place a piece of bread in your mouth, leaving the end hanging out, when you are chopping onions.  The bread apparently soaks up the gasses before it hits your eyes.

Fish Bait

Here is three ways to make bread fish bait.  I have never tried.

Using up an extra loaf of bread is easy especially if you follow a few simple methods and recipes. With a little creativity, you can make a variety of dishes that can be enjoyed as snacks or even main meals. As a result, you can enjoy nutritious meals and reduce food waste at the same time

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  1. This is awesome!!! I always have a deep freezer full of the bread heels as I just can’t bear to throw away perfectly good food. We typically use it in spring to feed the ducks — but I love all these alternatives!!!!!!

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