Uses for pickle juice

30 Uses For Pickle Juice

Uses for pickle juice

Save that extra pickle juice!  

I always thought it was a shame to throw out all that extra pickle juice.  So when someone posted in a Facebook group about other uses for pickle juice, I took notice.  And then did a little more research. 

An old roommate of mine had mixed in pickle juice in mash potatoes and it was yummy. 

My husband drinks it right out of the jar.  

I have not tested most of these and have no idea if they is any scientific proof that they work.  But here is what I found.

30 Ways To Use Up Extra Pickle Juice 

  1. Brine chicken, marinate chicken breast in it, chicken wings, pork chops
  2. Drinking pickle juice apparently helps with muscle cramps 
  3. Toss a couple hardboiled eggs in it to make pickled eggs
  4. Make more pickles by adding cut cucumber to the juice – sit for a week or so (fridge pickles) Tip:  Add hot sauce for a kick
  5. Cure heartburn – The vinegar neutralizes the acid
  6. Tuna fish sandwich, egg salad sandwiches, pasta salad, potato salad, coleslaw, or mash potatoes two tablespoons – don’t want it soggy (sweet pickle juice and mayo for coleslaw)
  7. Bake with it.  – Rye bread, savory muffins, dill buttermilk biscuit, pickle bread
  8. Pickle popsicles –  Pour into popsicle molds pickle suckle
  9. Season ground beef for hamburgers
  10. Clean grill plates
  11. Hangover cure –  Drink it to help with headaches
  12. Add it to a Ceaser drink, bloody mary’s, pickle backs – (whiskey and pickle juice chaser) (fire cider) (tequila)
  13. Put it in cornbread salad
  14. Freeze in an icecube tray and use on sunburns
  15. Make Pickle soup.  This one looks good.
  16. Tenderize meat – Cook a roast in a crockpot with it
  17. Replace regular vinegar with pickle juice in salad dressings (ranch dressing) (thousand island dressing)
  18. Drink it to help with period cramps
  19. Use it in your next tarter sauce recipe
  20. Drink it to help with nausea and morning sickness
  21. Mix 50/50 with ketchup and brush on your favorite meatloaf recipe as a glaze
  22. Drink it to gets rid of hiccups
  23. Add it to soups – Apparently, it’s good in chicken noodle soups
  24. Instead of vinegar, drizzle on your french fries
  25. Rinse a can of chickpeas and marinate them in pickle juice 
  26. Help with getting hard water rings off the toilet and tub – don’t use bleach, just add a bit of baking soda.
  27. Use with cream cheese and diced pickles for a pickle dip 
  28. Mix sweet pickle juice and brown sugar for on top of your ham
  29. Make homemade bbq sauce with it
  30. Dandelion killer
  31. Instead of lemon juice on fish, you can use pickle juice. Already has dill in it anyways right?
  32. Dip for a grilled cheese sandwich 
  33. Water hibiscus with it 
  34. Homemade dill pickle chips
  35. Make kombucha 
  36. Use on ramen noodles
  37. Clean jewelry – cleans brass
  38. Helps with a sore throat 

Let me know in the comments below if you have tried any of these!

30+ Ways To Use Up Extra Pickle Juice

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