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Raspberry Bocconcini Salad

raspberry bocconcini salad

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As the summer temperatures rise my appetite decrease.  All I feel like eating is summer salads.   And this raspberry bocconcini salad with red wine balsamic dressing is one is my favorite summer salads.

I love using Inspired Greens living lettuce.  You can pick up a two pack from Costco, along with the bocconcini and the raspberries.  I drizzle this red wine balsamic dressing over the salad, but any balsamic would do.

You might be thinking what is a living lettuce?  Well, I am glad you asked.  Living lettuces are lettuces that still have the roots attached.  Growers like Inspired Greens do this so that they last longer when you bring them home.  And to my surprise, you can actually regrow the roots after you cut off the lettuces leaves.

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