Self Care for Men


When was the last time you did something for yourself?

Like REALLY did something for yourself.  If you can’t pinpoint to an exact time. Then you need to sit down and read this.

I bet your thinking, but you’re a chick what do you know about what a guy’s needs.  And you’re right. I am a chick, but I do know a lot about self care. And self care for men is as equally as important for men as it’s for woman. It’s essential for maintaining balance in everyone’s life, no matter what gender you are.

So just keep reading!  

Men often overlook self care for themselves.  Sure you play hockey every Tuesday night, but when is the last time you had a physical done?  I get it, taking time out of your busy schedule can seem impossible. Especially since you barely have time for anything but work. Yet, it’s critical to make “the time” for self care.  Because all work and no play can make everyone a bit crazy.


Get Your Sweat On

Make time for at least a 30-minute session at a gym a couple of times a week.  Choose one near your home to get a workout before or after work. Or choose one near your work to sneak one in during your lunch break. The gym is a great place to let out some steam while becoming irresistible fit and healthy.  Better yet, ditch the gym and move your workout outside. The fresh air will energize you and help you soak up some vitamin D.

Check out these 5 Amazing Benefits Of Outdoor Exercise

Self Care for Men

Make Better Food Choices

Choosing healthy food is one of the easiest self-care activities you can do. By nourishing your body with healthy food, you’re going to feel, think and do better.  Try meal prepping your meals to ensure you’re not running to the food court at lunch. Or simply make better meal choices when you’re eating out. Swap for fries for a side salad.  You get the idea.

Try diffusing some essential oils

Essential oils are not as girly as you may think.  Their benefits overshadow any perception you may have with them.  And are worth giving a try. You never know they maybe your answer to sleepless nights.  Check out Men’s Journal’s An Essential Oil Guide for Men if you have no idea where to start.

Take a Soak in the Tub

Bathing was once thought of as a social event. According to Medical Daily, “Public bathhouses were essentially the ancient form of spas, offering massages, exercise, and entertainment, while also being the meeting place to socialize.”  Although nowadays it tends to be more of a solo event and often overlooked by men as a form of relaxation. Don’t let woman have all the fun. Grab some men inspired bath products and soak up away your stress.

Self Care for Men

Go to the Spa

Spas are not just for woman.  More and more spas are catering their services to men.  Here’s a list of the Best Spa treatments for Men. Whether it’s a beard facial or a Swedish massage, you have a relaxing experience.  Also, check out Esquire’s The World’s Best Spas for Men for some ultra lux experiences.

Try Meditating or Yoga

Meditation is easier than you think.  Download the Calm app or the Insight App to get started.  Basically, all you need a quiet place to meditate and openness to the process to reap the benefits of meditation.  Start with five minutes a day and see how ya do.

Many elite athletes do yoga.  In fact entire teams have incorporated yoga into their regular workouts, such as the Giants, Seahawks, and Duke basketball team.  Just saying if it’s good enough for them, why not give it a try. Not only will you improve your flexibility, but also your core strength.  

Yoga isn’t just about the body, it’s also about the mind and it’s a technique that has really helped me.

LeBron James
Top 10 Self Care for Men Activities. Check out how you can distress and take better care of yourself.

Simplify your stuff……..and life.

This doesn’t only apply to your physical stuff.  Decluttering can be removing people who don’t help you grow.  And saying “no” to situations that hold you back from being the best version of yourself. Who you are is reflected by who you allow into your life. Surround yourself with people who take care of themselves and inspire you.

Get Exploring

Go out by yourself. Take yourself on a date and do the things you love. Reconnect with some of your old hobbies.  Book that golf session or join a bowling team. Simply go to your favorite restaurant and enjoy a meal by yourself.  Or push yourself out of your comfort zone and try something new.

Self Care for Men

Pick up a book

Even if you are not a big reader.  You can benefit from slowing down and focusing on a good book. Here are 10 Benefits of Reading Every Day that might surprise you.

Reconnect with your friends

So often we get so wrapped up in our own lives that we forget to reconnect with our friends.  So grab your buddies and have some fun.

Self Care for Men

Whether you decide to get into a self care routine or do one thing a week or month.  It’s important to find a few self care activities that you can incorporate into your life on a regular basis.  Not a one-time thing. Find what works for you.

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