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So you finally want to get your s*** together. I am only guessing because you’re reading this blog post. And let me guess you want to start with physical stuff. But you lack any type of decluttering motivation to do it. You’re tired and frustrated and don’t know where to start. You have read all the decluttering books, but you just can’t get your ass off the couch to get started.

Here’s the truth. Unless you are one of those people that actually enjoys cleaning and decluttering, there is no such thing as decluttering motivation. There is only ACTION. Sorry to break it to you but you’re never going to want to declutter.

Just like you’re never going to want to pay for a speeding ticket, you’re never going to want to get rid of stuff. Not because of the stuff. But because of the emotional shit, you have to deal with associated with your stuff.

Let’s Look At Your “Why”

Not that bullshit “why” you want to declutter. You already know why you need to declutter.

But the “why” you can’t get off your ass to do it.

Why are you resisting getting rid of stuff? Because “you don’t want” to is a bullshit answer. You wouldn’t be reading this if it was. You would be blissfully living among your clutter. But you’re not and you’re reading this, so lets a lot dig deeper.

What is holding you back from just getting it done?

Remember “It’s never about the stuff.” (Quote by Peter Welsh)

So why?

Is it because you don’t want to have hard conversations with family members?
Is it because you’re not prioritizing the time to do it?
Is it because you’re hiding behind the stuff?

Figure out you’re why and address it. Or at least acknowledge it.

If you need to have those tough conversations with your family, have them. If you need to tell your mom, that you don’t want the family heirlooms, then tell her. Or admit to yourself that its time to seek help for your depression or anxiety. Again remember “It’s never about the stuff.”

For me, I grew up with borderline hoarders. My parents were post-war babies and grew up with the mindset to never throw anything away. Because “you might need it someday.” Our house was filled with broken, worn-out items that were replaced with new items but never left our house. My dad would take anything someone was giving away, regardless if we needed it or not. People would come by and just drop their junk off at our house.

It took me a long time to get over this mindset, that was passed on to me. What really helped me was to change my mindset to one of abundance, instead of scarcity. I started to look at items as just items and not extensions of myself. That if an item was truly meant to be in my life, it would be. And if I throw out an item, but ended up needing it, I trusted it would find a way back into my life. Instead of hoarding clothing for “just in case.” I would think of getting rid of clothing as opening up space in my closet for items that were even better.

You need to take a leap of faith if you want to adopt this mindset. But I haven’t regretted decluttering an item yet! So who knows.

The Decision To Take Action When You Aren’t Ready

Taking action is the only decluttering motivation. Whether you’re ready or not. Literally just start doing something. Whether it is picking up the newspapers on your coffee table or doing a load of laundry. Maybe spending 5 minutes going through your closet and picking one thing that you don’t wear anymore. Instead of watching hoarders to get the motivation to declutter, spend that hour doing something to achieve your decluttering goals.

Create Momentum

By just starting, you create momentum. Whether you are ready or not. Whether you address your “why” or not. If you start doing something, anything towards your decluttering goals you will create momentum. And if you stay consistent, that momentum with continue to grow.

After you start decluttering and realize that you actually didn’t need “this or that,” that’s when decluttering became easier. That’s when your decluttering motivation clicks in and you start getting excited about getting rid of stuff. Remember, don’t become a minimalist dick though!

Stay Consistent

Time block a time to declutter. A weekend or 15 minutes at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter. Prioritize decluttering in your life and make the time. It’s simply making a choice to do it. Check-in with yourself constantly.

Ask yourself, Did I work towards my decluttering goal today? If not, why?

Get Back On The Horse When You Fall Off

You’re probably going to fail. And that’s OK. Life happens. Re-examine and try again.

There was this one time I bought a big bag of lego off of a garage sale app. It was such a great deal but a huge amount of Lego. So I bought organizing bins, and spend days organizing the Lego according to type. But I failed to take into account that the kids just wanted to play with the Lego.

They didn’t care if it was in bins or not. Let’s just say that the bins lasted a week. Then I tried to move the lego downstairs so that I didn’t have to see the lego spread across the floor every day. Well, that didn’t work either because it was cold downstairs and the kids just ending up bringing some of the lego back upstairs. Now I have lego spread across two floors of the house.

Finally, I found a solution. A Lego bag. The kids can spread out the Lego and I can just close it up at the end of the day. Everyone is happy.

Personally, I only found decluttering motivation after I started decluttering. After I address why I was holding on to things and what was holding me back. I hope this helps you to find your own decluttering motivation. Share in the comments your experiences.

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