How To help a hoarder get rid of things

How to Help a Hoarder Get Rid of Things 101

How to help a hoarder get rid of things is more of an emotional journey than you would think. Dealing with hoarding isn’t just about chucking stuff out and calling it a day. It’s way deeper than that. It’s about getting to the heart of the matter, figuring out why every nook and cranny is jam-packed with stuff that “might be useful one day” or holds some sentimental value that’s hard to see on the surface.

Helping a friend or family member get through this isn’t just about being fed up with the mess. It’s more about being there for them, showing them that you care and that they’re not alone in this wild ride. In this blog post, we will guide you on how to help a hoarder get rid of things gently without judgment.

Step 1: How to help a hoarder get rid of things

First off, don’t go in guns blazing, ready to toss everything in sight. That’s a no-go. Instead, be a pal. Sit down with them and have a real heart-to-heart. Talk about what’s going on, and really listen. You gotta understand that asking someone to part with their possessions is like asking them to give up a part of themselves. Pretty intense, right? It’s crucial to respect their feelings and decisions. If they’re not ready to throw something out, that’s okay. It’s their call.

Step 2: Small steps

Now, once you’re both on the same page, start small. Pick a spot that’s not totally overwhelming. Organizing can actually turn into a bit of a game. Categorize stuff into groups like ‘keep,’ ‘donate,’ ‘recycle,’ and ‘sayonara, baby!’ – but, you know, in a more respectful manner. It’s all about making the process feel less like a chore and more like a positive change.

Step 3: Call in emotional reinforcement

Remember, hoarding is not just about physical clutter; it often involves emotional baggage that can be overwhelming. Sharing hoarding success stories can be inspiring. However, there may be instances where professional intervention is necessary. You may need to find specialized therapists and professional organizers equipped with the knowledge and experience to guide people through this challenging journey.

Step 5: Get extra help

Thinking about getting some extra help? There are services out there that specialize in decluttering. They’re like the cleanup crew you never knew you needed. If the emotional rollercoaster gets too intense, finding a support group can be a real game-changer for the person you are trying to help. It’s comforting to talk to folks who get what you’re going through.

Sometimes, the clutter isn’t just physical; it can involve some legal or financial mess, too. That’s when bringing in a legal or financial guru might be a bright idea. They can help untangle any complicated knots that are too tricky to handle solo.


  • Be compassionate. Ask questions and listen
  • Start small to get the ball rolling
  • Call in emotional reinforcements if needed.
  • Get professional help if it becomes overwhelming or unsanitary
  • Be a supportive friend, partner, or human being

Helping someone deal with hoarding is all about being the cool, supportive buddy. The aim? To guide them towards a safe and cozy space, a place they’re proud to call home. It’s about kindness, patience, and a whole lot of understanding. And remember, Rome wasn’t decluttered in a day. It’s a process, a journey, and you’re in it together, one step at a time.

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