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Valentine’s day isn’t supposed to be about how much money we spend on our loved ones. It’s supposed to be about celebrating our love for each other. Here are 15 best no spend valentine’s day activities and gift ideas.

*This post contains affiliate links. Wait what this post is supposed to be about not spending money? Yes! It totally is! But I needed a way to show you the books I want to get from the library.

Start the morning off by making breakfast

. Here are a few ideas to get you started

Use a metal cookie cutter to make heart shaped pancakes. If you’re really festive you can add a drop of red food coloring to the batter. But I would prefer strawberries and whip cream. Use whatever you have on hand.

Coffee is always the way to my heart. Bring your loved one a coffee in bed. After letting them sleep in of course! If you have any coffee liqueur, chocolate syrup, orange brandy or whip cream you can make some yummy combos.
Give your loved one the gift of time. Let them take the day off from household chores. BEST VALENTINE’S DAY GIFT EVERY.

Easy No Spend Valentine’s Day Gifts

While gift giving is not necessary to show someone you love and appreciate them. It’s always nice to receive a unexpected gift.

Get crafty and make homemade cards for each other. Use what you have around the house. It’s the thought that counts.

Use your Spotify free account to create your own Valentine’s day playlist of romantic songs. Include ones that has special meaning for you and your loved one.

Make an edible bouquet. Grab whatever fruit you have around the house and try your had at making an edible bouquet. Have you heard of bacon roses? These look awesome.

Try your hand at creating paper flowers. Check out how here.

Print off some free coloring pages for the kids to color. Who doesn’t love a messy masterpiece.

Make a special dessert with the ingredients that you already have in your pantry. Look for simple recipes. Think simple cookies, cake or even instant pudding.

No Spend Valentine’s Day Activities

Your loved ones just want to spend quality time with you. Turn off your phone, leave distractions at work and spend some time with the ones you love.

Start by turning on your personalized Valentine’s Day Playlist and danc. Slow dance or rocking it out. Just have fun with your loved one.

This year kids and I are planning on taking out some Valentine’s day books for the library. And learning all about Valentine’s day and all the kind things we can do to show each other we care. Here are the one’s I am hoping are available. Happy Valentine’s Day Mouse.
Pete the Cat: Valentine’s Day Is Cool.

Instead of going out for dinner. Check out some free events in town and then have a quiet dinner at home. One Valentine’s day we checked out the ice sculptures lake Louise and had picnic by the lake. Of course this is weather depended.

Get outside. Go Ice Skating. Go tobogganing. Or simply going for a walk. Bring you own hot chocolate or a special treat.

Why not plan a potluck with friends. Whether you’re single or attached, getting together with friends such a fun way to spend Valentine’s day. Ask everyone to bring a dish and their favorite board game. Spend the night with good company and a ton of laughs.

Finally and the most obvious. Pick out a romantic movie and snuggle. Half the battle will be finding a movie that you both will enjoy. If you’re stuck here are a few movie ideas that even guys will enjoy.

Almost No Spend Valentine’s Day Gifts & Activities

Let’s face it, it’s hard to no to spend money around holidays. But you can create meaningful experiences and gifts without spending a ton.

Have you heard of Valentine’s day candy poems? I hadn’t either until a few weeks ago. They require you to buy some candy, but not the overpriced heart boxed ones. Here is a free printable.
Buy a potted plant instead of flower. Why spend a ton on flower that are going to die in a few days? Don’t forget to add a romantic handwritten card.
Take your loved one on a romantic experience. A romantic scavenger hunt or a walk down memory lane to all the places you used to go when you guys were dating.

“Anybody who believes that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach flunked geography.”

Robert Byrne

After The Kids Go To Bed

You know where this is going. Don’t you.

Sex is free! And if you do it right it’s a lot of fun.
Get into the mood by giving your partner a sensual massage
Take a bubble bath together. Create a romantic mood by lighting some candles.
Nibble on these 11 foods to get your sex drive going. Who knows it might work.


History of Valentine’s Day

 Valentine’s Day is the day for a worldwide celebration of love. Every year on February 14th, people from around the world exchange flowers and acts of love in the name of St. Valentine’s. The day itself is now known as a day of love but it has dark origins.

February 14th was chosen as the day of love because of a Roman feast called Lupercalia. The feast lasted from Feb 13th to the 15th and it was a hedonistic festival which featured extreme traditions such as hitting naked women with the hides of dead animals because they believed that it would make them fertile.

The festival of Lupercalia was little more than a drunken revel but the Christians managed to make it a little more respectable. The name Valentine came from the name of two Catholic men (both called Valentine) who were executed on February the 14th by Emperor Claudius II sometime in the third century.

The Catholic Church decided to rename the day of love in memory of the Valentines’ martyrdom and make it more Christian in an attempt to banish the pagan rituals of Lupercalia.


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  1. Great suggestions! I really like the idea of making a special playlist (perhaps featuring your wedding songs!) and staying and making a special dinner. It always is great to have a glass of wine, laugh and make a lovely meal together.

    1. When I was researching for this post, I came across so many free events I had no idea about. We are going to check some out this year.

  2. I LOVE this post! I, too, am a big proponent of taking this lovely holiday and making it about families and friends. Activities are so much more rewarding and, as you point out, less expensive than the commercial hype. Thanks for the wise words!

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